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In this FREE Class, You Will Discover

  • The biggest mistake you can make in bakingover 75% of people are committing this error without even knowing it!
  • The only 5 mixing methods you need to know – these will enable you to bake hundreds of favorites!
  • The importance of incorporating air in bakingand the exact procedure to do it right every time
  • The science of emulsification and its critical role in bakingthis separates the hobbyists from the pros!

Plus Get These Valuable Bonuses:

  1. FREE! The Cake Faults Chart – Is your cake too dry? Too dense? Diagnose your cake issues and find the remedy immediately in this quick reference chart.
  2. FREE! Mixing Methods Guide – All baked goods are made with the same basic ingredients, but it’s the mixing method that creates the great variety of products. This is a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to the most often used mixing methods.